Genesee Warbirds Mission Statement

Genesee Warbirds is a not for profit museum. The mission of the museum is to acquire, collect, restore, maintain, display and fly tactical classic jet aircraft and other aircraft of historic or unique character, and to emphasize the preservation and teaching of the history, maintenance, fabrication, and flying skills of these aircraft. Genesee Warbirds shall preserve these tactical classic jets and historic or unique aircraft in flying condition whenever possible so as to allow the public the benefit of seeing these aircraft in flight. Genesee Warbirds shall promote, attend, sponsor and host air shows, fly-ins and air racing.

Museum Location & Contact

The Genesee Warbirds aircraft are located at:

Genesee County; Batavia NY

Airport Identifier: KGVQ

The Genesee Warbirds business address and contact information is:

16 West Main Street, Suite 310
Rochester, New York 14614
Phone #: (585) 234-JETS